Board of Directors

Management of the business, property and affairs of the Society are controlled by the Board of Directors. In addition to powers granted by the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws, the Board of Directors may exercise all such powers and perform all such lawful acts as are not prohibited by the Articles of Incorporation or by the Bylaws. Specific policies and procedures for the operation of the Society, officers and staff are promulgated by the Board of Directors as necessary.

The Society Board of Directors consists of no less than 5 and no more than 12 directors and strives to include those with a commitment to historic and environmental education and preservation.

A Director must be a member in good standing in the Society to be qualified to serve. Members of the Society elect Directors at the annual membership meeting.

Bartram Trail Society of Florida 2023-24
Board of Directors & Officers

Sam Carr
Dean M. Campbell
Vice President
Lawrence E. Mikelson II
Janis Brown
Ken Mahaffey
Board Member
Janice Mahaffey
Board Member
Robert Virnstein, PhD
Board Member
Kalia Baillene
Board Member
Robert A. Mattson
Board Member
Lars Andersen
Board Member
Robert Wilson
Board Member