Janis Brown

Janis Brown, Secretary

Janis spent her childhood in New Jersey and moved to Florida when she was eleven. She graduated from High School in Homestead, Florida and married her girlfriend’s brother soon after graduation. She was well on her way to raising her two children when she entered nursing school at Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville as a Registered Nurse.

After completing her nursing studies there, she began working with the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Healthcare System in Gainesville. She continued her nursing studies at the University of Phoenix from which she earned her BS in Nursing in 2002. She was a Primary Nurse on the CardioThoracic/Vascular Ward caring for our veterans on a one-to-one basis. Working on the floor was her passion, but after receiving a BSN she took the position of Surgical Coordinator/Ophthalmology. It was while nursing there that she met and later married her second husband Mike Stallings of Palatka in 2002. It was Mike that stimulated her interest in environmental stewardship and encouraged her involvement in various environmental organizations.

After completing a 30-year career with the VA, she and Mike moved to Welaka, Florida and it was around this time that she became involved in the Bartram Trail Committee and its work developing the Bartram Trail in Putnam County. Janis is responsible for design and production of the outstanding collection of “Bartram Wear” offered for sale by the Bartram Trail Society of Florida at the various Bartram events around the state and southeastern US.