Linda Crider

Linda Crider, Board Member

Linda Crider, former UF professor of Urban Planning, moved to Palatka and opened the Bartram Inn B&B. Although it is now under new ownership, Linda stays active with the Bartram committee and other community organizations.

For the past 40 years she has been a performer, singer and songwriter, using music as a way engage her audiences in her passion for trails and history of the places she loves. She has written and recorded over a hundred songs and produced five CDs over the past 20 years, with self-authored songs about liveable communities, walking, bicycling, historical places and events, bears in Alaska, and songs about William Bartram and his travels along the St. Johns River.

Most recently, Linda wrote the six-act play “Bartram Nights” and arranged to have it showcased in the living room of the Bartram Inn. The themes and dialog are taken from an interpretive biography written by Marjory Bartlett Sanger, entitled “Billy Bartram and his green world.”