Janice Mahaffey

Janice Mahaffey, Board Member

Janice Mahaffey was born in Virginia, and moved to Putnam County with her parents in early 1959. She attended local schools, and after graduating from the local Community College, transferred to Florida State University, where she graduated with a degree in Visual Arts.

Her career was with Putnam County Government, as County Archivist, and later Reference Librarian and local Genealogist. As Archivist, she became familiar with the Bartrams’ and during 1977 effort to establish the Bartram Trail of Florida, she, Ken and a few others served on the Bartram Trail of Florida Committee. During this time the Committee approached the local State Representative, and were able to establish a portion of State Road 13, as the “Bartram Scenic Highway” in St. Johns County.

Janice proceeded Ken in retirement, and soon became involved with the Putnam County Bartram Trail Committee. In 2013, soon after joining the committee, and with a letter of introduction, she and Ken visited the Natural History Museum in London, meeting with Dr. Judith Magee, Curator, of the Special Collections, who graciously authorized the digital images of William Bartram’s illustrations of the St. Johns River, to be used by the committee with a few stipulations. Ken and Janice have been married since 1979, and have three adult children, and one grandchild. They enjoy traveling, photography, and reside in the area that was once known as “Rollestown.”